Welcome to the Bright Guys Inc

     Los Angeles based web trends and technology consultants. Co-founded by an MIT Graduate & a Business Development Entrepreneur in 2007 to meet the needs of a growing global migration to online industry and e-commerce.  Bright Guys Inc offers consulting services to companies big and small regarding the emerging market trends in five major areas of expertise. Our Consultants are competent, educated and hold the respect and esteem of their peers.  Their guidance and suggestions offered toward the operations of your Business endeavor, you can be assured, will be based on sound business acumen.  As the global markets are constantly evolving, so are our team of consultants honing their skills to maintain their competitive edge.


Bright Guys Inc offers expertise in the following areas:


    * On & Offline Product Marketing Consulting 


    * Web/Cloud Infrastructure Consulting


    * Web Property Development and Deployment


    * Business Development Consulting 



    * Securing Web Traffic Partners & Internet Marketing Consulting

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